Patients FAQ

Patients – Office Hours and Appointments

Our practice opens Monday to Friday between 8:00am and 5:30pm and Saturdays 8:00am to 1:00pm. After hours appointments made outside of normal business hours are at the discretion of the radiologist/chief radiographer. We do not provide any after hours appointments, unless our radiologists and chief radiographer organises this.

Consultations, CT scans, injection/pain management and ultrasonography are all appointment only. We will send an SMS reminder for the appointment, if you do not wish to receive an SMS please advise the receptionist.

A female sonographer is available by request for sensitive tests. Please note that a request for a female sonographer may lead to a longer wait time due to prior booked appointments. If you wish to have an appointment with a specific sonographer please let reception know as soon as possible.

For CT scanning please check with receptionist for arrival time to complete paperwork, for General x-ray and ultrasounds please arrive 15 minutes before appointment time to complete paperwork.

As a general rule our appointments run to time, however our clinicians may run late due to emergencies and patients will be informed of this. We do allow for “walk in” appointments for general x-ray and for urgent cases. If you cannot attend please advise our practice as soon as possible. Please bring relevant previous films for comparison.

After the test please take a seat in the waiting room until your clinician provides you with a slip of paper, take the paper to the reception desk to pick up your films.

Patients MUST see the receptionist before leaving the practice

Patients should not present in an emergency situation to our practice and should proceed to the nearest doctors surgery or hospital emergency department

Fees & Charges

All Medicare eligible service are Bulk Billed

To receive a rebate, Medicare guidelines or sufficient clinical information must be provided on the referral or the patient may incur an out of pocket fee.

Can I have access to my health record?

Patients who wish to obtain a copy of their report must sign an access form available from reception.  Our practice acknowledges that patient health records are confidential documents and are maintained in this practice in a secure and confidential manner. Our privacy policy explains the systems in place for the collection of data, storage of data and release of information. A copy of our privacy policy is available in the waiting room.

Will I get the result on the day?

The radiographer or sonographer cannot provide the result of the test on the day to the patient. A radiologist views the images and provides a report for the referring doctor. In an emergency/urgent situation, the radiologist will consult the patient on the day and contact the referring doctor immediately.

What if I need an interpreter?

Please advise our receptionists or doctors if translation for patients is required. We are registered with TIS and will arrange this for you.

Do you promote respiratory etiquette in your practice?

Please advise our receptionists if you are immunosuppressed or suffering an illness requiring isolation. A room will be made available to you. If you have a cold, flu or any other infectious disease, please use our Antibacterial Gel, ask our receptionists for a mask, and staff should be advised so that tissues can be bagged after your departure.